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Time Zones, Making it Work!

“How do we handle time zone differences?” Many a bleary eyed late-night or early-morning manager has sought a better way to collaborate with coworkers, customers and suppliers around the world. While tools such as can help identify overlapping times for meetings, the real question is how to share the “pain”, be most effective, and […]

Leading Ethical Practices Across Cultures

“Local sales people say clients are accustomed to expensive gifts and entertainment, beyond our policies and potentially bribery.” “We’ve encountered ‘elastic truth’ in this project. Can we trust them?” “We’re hiring in Country X, are there specific COI (Conflict of Interest) issues to include in employee orientation?” Ethical dilemmas occur for us all, but when […]


How Different Styles Saved the Software

Abstract Three engineers, an Asian-American, an Indian and a European-American manager rescue a web programming application, but almost fail in the process.  It takes the combination of each culture’s approach to assemble diverse engineering knowledge in the organization and create a breakthrough in time to launch the high priority software. Case Study I’m Rick, an […]


Stressed Out over Deadlines for Engineering / Sales Team

Abstract Both ethnic (Italian and US) and functional (Sales vs. Engineering) cultures clash when trying to construct a winning proposal for a client’s photovoltaic system. With meetings running long, deadlines shifting, and procedures changing, there are challenges and cultural misunderstandings for this technical – business team to get the proposal finished by the deadline. Case […]

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