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  Mitos Santisteban
Philippines Consultant

Mitos has worked in both Philippine- and U.S.-based companies for over 20 years, with expertise in exporting, importing marketing and advertising. A native of the Philippines, she co-designed and has delivered Working with the Philippines corporate training program to over 800 employees of high technology firms, and provided insightful consultation to managers and executives involved in global operations. Her training program prepares employees for doing business with Filipino counterparts, customers or vendors.

She is a manager for Community Relations at ABS/CBN International (The Filipino TV Channel). She was formerly president of Media Philippines, a marketing and advertising company with clients that targeted the Filipino market in the U.S. She is a community leader, past president of the Fil-Am Council of San Francisco, and the Fil-Am Chamber of Commerce of San Mateo, and active in the Archdiocese of San Francisco. She serves as a member of the board of directors of Philippines International Aid and ABS/CBN Foundation, which both support the needs of children in the Philippines. She is fluent in Tagalog, Ilonggo, Spanish and English has over 20 years multi-faceted, hands-on management experience in Asia and in the US.

Our Staff
  Marian Stetson-Rodriguez
Founder and President, M.S.O.D
  Ruben A. Rodriguez
Director of Operations and Development, M.S.
  A. David Wan
Dir. Asia Pacific Services, B.A.
  Jacqueline Oliveira
Dir. Global Teams Practice, M.A.
  Anjali Rao
India Consultant, M.A.
  Ashok Mathur
India Strategy Consultant, M.B.A.

Our Associates
  Juan Arias
Costa Rica Consultant, Ph.D.
  Amy Miao
China Consultant, M.D., M.S.
  Olga Ivanova-Nuss
Russia Consultant, M.S.
  Robert Day
United Kingdom Consultant, M.A.
  Marina Bemanian
Iran, Afghanistan Consultant, M.S.
  Fionnbarr Kelly
Ireland Consultant, M.A.
  Santalynda Marrero
Organization and Team Development , Ed.D.
  Tenley Mogk
Vietnam Consultant, M.P.H.
  Donovan Le
Vietnam Consultant, M.S.
  Mitsch Tapia
Philippines Consultant, M.S.O.D.
  Triv Prasad
India Consultant, M.S.
  Vanessa Puniak
Intercultural Program Manager, M.A.
  Motaz Hajaj
Middle East Consultant, M.S.
  Lothar Katz
Global Project Mangement, M.S.
  Sue Shinomiya
Japan Consultant, M.B.A.
  Caroline Smadja
France Consultant, M.A.
  Marilyn Stanton
Middle East Consultant, M.S.O.D.
  Rebecca Weiner
Israel Consultant, M.A.
  Rossana Miranda-Johnston
Mexico Consultant,M.A.
  Jenny Chin-Hui Wilkins
Taiwan-US Associate, M.S.
  Keith Teo
Singapore Consultant, B.Sc.
  Camille Smith
Global Leaderdership Coach, M.A.
  Pawel Walentynowicz
Poland Consultant, M.A.
  Jeremy Wong
USA and China Consultant, M.B.A.
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