Delivery Flexibility

Charis takes a client-centered approach, offering flexibility to meet the needs, schedule, language, location, and resources of each client. Charis delivers highly successful skill building programs for participants to communicate, motivate and collaborate across cultures.

“Our organization hired Charis to provide intercultural training. Marian Stetson-Rodriguez’ customer service was stellar: She provided creative training designs customized for our specific needs; the logistics were handled impeccably; she was warm and personable from our first meeting. She is a professional in every way and I highly recommend her as well as the Charis team of consultants.”


– Trina D’Amico, Senior O.D. Consultant, Port of Portland, Oregon


Training OnsiteTraining Onsite

Charis onsite classroom training programs share knowledge, highlight best practices of global collaboration, and guide participants to apply their learning to their current jobs. Programs include culturally-effective instructional design, experiential learning and simulations, case studies, video, and guided discussion. Most programs are one day in length; recommended maximum enrollment is 20. Each participant receives a comprehensive training workbook they will value during and after training. Training materials are in English, and delivery is available in multiple languages.


Webinar - Interactive Virtual TrainingWebinar – Interactive Virtual Training

For people on the go, Charis webinars offer synthesized “must know” content, the “gold nuggets” from our full-day programs. All webinars are 90 minutes long; two webinars can be combined in a 3-hr session. Interactive discussions, polls, and chats with virtual coworkers enable the transfer of knowledge to real work situations and provide insights to local perspectives, challenges, and opportunities. Accessible modules of training (via Webex, Live Meeting, Adobe Connect or GoToMeeting) fit busy employee schedules. Recommended maximum enrollment is 25. Participants download webinar content, expert commentary, plus bonus material to sustain learning with post-webinar materials. Training materials are in English, delivery is available in multiple languages.


Coaching and ConsultingCoaching and Consulting

With over 25 years in the fields of intercultural communication with organization development, Charis coaches and consultants are uniquely positioned to support global organizations and their talent development. More information is available at Coaching & Consulting, and please contact us to discuss your situation.


Charis is a certified provider of the engineeringTrust™ Scale (ETS), and The International Profiler, and the International Team Trust Indicator. Organizational assessment services, with quantitative and qualitative analysis, are available with statistical reporting as part of the survey feedback process.


Customized ProgramsCustomized Programs

Charis can flexibly include modularized material from our extensive repertoire of programs and intellectual property to provide the right training for executive, managerial, or event-driven programs. Needs assessment information can be integrated into course material or activities to create highly customized targeted learning programs.


Fees and EnrollmentFees and Enrollment

While Charis has standard fees per program, we consider the scope of the engagement to offer flexible pricing based on high volume of classes or the country of delivery. For best learning results, we recommend 20 participants per class or 25 per webinar. Contact us for a price quote on your next training program.