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The engineeringTrust® Scale (ETS) is a personal assessment tool to measure how people decide to trust across cultures. It identifies four personal trust strategies, predicts how others are motivated to trust, and enables teams to build trust, engagement and collaboration across cultures.

The 24-item assessment takes approximately 15 minutes to complete online. Your individual score, plotted against the international benchmark, is shown immediately with summary recommendations — for free!

engineeringTrust® Profiles
To explore trust building more thoroughly, your engineeringTrust® Profile provides personalized recommendations to increase trust, comparisons of trust strategies across the cultures you select, and steps to avoid distrust. For groups, engineeringTrust® Team Profiles provide a customized way to compare scores and build trust strategies in teams.

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What do I get with ETS?

bulletredFirst, increase your self-awareness by knowing your four trust strategies. Get a personalized interpretation of how you put trust into action in new situations, communicating, handling risk, and working with others.

bulletredSecond, discover how trust is built in other cultures, applying cross-cultural analysis. Get recommendations for building trust with people both similar to and different from you.  

bulletredThird, gain specific steps to create a trust-building action plan to reach your goals. Learn from our in-depth research on the decision-making process involved in trust, predicting trust strategies of others, and cross-cultural analysis of trust in over a dozen cultures. 

engineeringTrust® Scale
Get detailed results for each unique engineeringTrust®  Strategy:

1. ACTUATE – trust in a new situation

2. RELATE – trust when relating to and communicating with people

3. NAVIGATE – trust when there is risk

4. COLLABORATE – trust with different work styles

Individual:  engineeringTrust® Profile

Your personal trust profile shows results for the four engineeringTrust® Strategies.
The first country selected (e.g., China) is displayed.  


Group:   engineeringTrust® Team Profile

EngineeringTrust Team Profiles allow group members to view and compare their scores for each trust strategy. 
See a sample for Actuate below. 

Barchart engineeringTrust Group with photo

FREE!   Take ETS! Take ETS! Try the ETS and see your scores.

See your personal scores instantly for trust strategies Actuate, Relate, Navigate and Collaborate. Compare with two countries. With this awareness, you have the opportunity to build trust in many workplace situations.

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Get your engineeringTrust® Profile and start building trust in key relationships today. Take a look at what you will get:

  • Individual – Your personalized engineeringTrust® Profile shows your scores with full interpretation on how you build trust and how those behaviors are viewed by others. You get expert recommendations to start trust-building across differences. Gain methods to detect and repair distrust. Compare your profile with two countries’ trust strategies that you select, gaining valuable insights to Actuate, Relate, Navigate and Collaborate across cultures. Begin a self-directed action plan, guided by engineeringTrust tools. Your engineeringTrust Profile (in PDF), a 10+ page report, will be sent to you online within 2 business days for the affordable price of $55.00 USD.
  • Group – Each team member gets their individual engineeringTrust® Profile, plus the group’s engineeringTrust Team Profile to understand, compare, and bridge the different approaches to building trust that exist in the group. Contact Charis for group pricing.
What’s next?  Skill Building in engineeringTrust® Workshops

One can “engineer” trust by using s diagnostic tool (ETS), then apply tested step-by-step processes to build trust and reach interdependent goals. Increase the trust-building and teamwork skills of employees, managers and leaders with engineeringTrust® Workshops.  Learn more …  Engineering Trust.

Use engineeringTrust® with Confidence!  Research and Methodology behind the Tool
The engineeringTrust® Scale (ETS) has been developed with rigorous factor analysis, extracting the four non-correlating factors of trust which we call “trust strategies” (p-value .009). ETS has high reliability (Cronbach’s Alpha 0.75) with a high measure of sampling adequacy (KMO 0.84, MSA ranging from 0.73 to 0.91). ETS and the engineeringTrust® Profile are written in global English with non-judgmental culturally-appropriate recommendations, having been tested for face validity and elimination of social bias. Extensive review of research in the fields of trust, culture, and statistical analysis for social science has been conducted and are ongoing at Charis Intercultural Training to bring thought leadership to our clients and colleagues.