Do you know your Team in Japan?

Japan is on the rise again – or is it? Since the beginning of 2013, Japan has seen a nearly 50% gain in its stock market, the yen is down, and consumer spending is up.  In the world economy “gaiatsu”, or pressure from the outside, can be seen as both a threat and a motivation […]

Japan's Young Generation – Photo by Sue Shinomiya


Say Good-bye to the Dragon, Welcome Snake!

Each year Chinese from all over the world plan to reunite the family to celebrate Chinese New Year.  In the world’s largest annual migration, at least 200 million Chinese travel home. On New Year’s eve, families watch CCTV (Chinese television) for the biggest party for the new year. Fish and dumplings are traditional foods, and […]


Do You Know Your Team in Russia?

Russia’s rigorous standards and leadership in math and science produce top talent engineers, software developers, scientists, R&D researchers and business analysts – so how many Russians are you working with these days? With Russia’s accession in August 2012 to the WTO (the 156th member), global companies will have opportunities as Russian leadership liberalizes trade, encourages […]

Time Zones, Making it Work!

“How do we handle time zone differences?” Many a bleary eyed late-night or early-morning manager has sought a better way to collaborate with coworkers, customers and suppliers around the world. While tools such as can help identify overlapping times for meetings, the real question is how to share the “pain”, be most effective, and […]

Berlin Wall

The “Post-Wall Generation” – Do You Know Your Team in Germany?

These days, Germany leads Europe as an economic powerhouse. Why? High productivity, strong work commitment, solid education standards, and low absenteeism are but some of the reasons foreign companies seek teamwork with German employees and partners. Almost twenty-five years after the Wall came down, younger Germans in all parts of the country are more adaptable, […]

“Problem…or Challenge? Depends on your Mindset”

My German colleague, Katrin, once said during a cultural orientation program, “Americans never have problems; they only have challenges.” It was such an interesting comment (accurate or not) that started a provocative discussion about how culture creates a lens through which one makes sense of the world around them. In essence, culture creates a mindset. […]