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Global Leader Competencies
Global leaders are increasingly required to see the world's challenges and opportunities, think with a global mindset, act with global-centric leadership behaviors, and mobilize a world class culturally diverse team. After assessing individual international competencies, participants master the process of building the global leadership competencies needed to operate and thrive in the global economy.
Identify the competencies required of current and future global leaders, and develop participants' awareness and capability to achieve personal and organizational objectives as global leaders.

Training Content - Participants will learn:
a) Personal Assessment:
Participants receive feedback on The International Profiler, an assessment of their awareness and skills to work internationally, and through the workshop learn how to increase their skill levels in each of 10 areas.
b) Global Leader Competencies:
Based on extensive research, this program identifies 14 competencies of the future global leader, with specific recommendations on how to develop leaders' awareness and skills for the process of leading and managing across cultural differences in multinational settings.
c) Leading Global Teams:
Using a simulated global virtual team, participants identify winning strategies for team formation, development, and high performance.
d) Building Trust across Cultures:
Learn models for identifying cultural beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors, and the most effective ways to build trust and relationships.
e) Managing Projects by Optimizing Communication Media:
Gain important criteria for selecting and then optimizing online communication, email, teleconferences or face-to-face meetings for virtual coworkers.
f) Development Plan:
  By building personal knowledge and experience, adding vicarious experiences of other global leaders, and receiving cultural mentoring by instructors, participants will create a personal development plan to achieve their goals.

What participants have to say:
"This course is a 'must' for leaders of all levels who are working internationally. It builds the mindset needed for 21st century business."
- Marc Michaelson, Managing Director, Lifeworks International

Network of Alliances


"Organizations which will succeed in 10 or 20 years time, will be those which are extremely good at managing informal networks of alliances...good at managing knowledge, and extremely good at managing diversity."
- Chairman Niall FitzGerald, Unilever

Global Thinking
"Global leaders of the future will have a worldwide perspective when making decisions, and they will need in-depth strategic thinking, such as being a global trends observer."
- Global Leadership, The Next Generation

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