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The Global Trainer's Advantage

Are your trainees from a variety of cultures? Are you teaching your area of expertise without knowing basic training skills? Are you heading for Asia or Europe, with the same package you deliver in the U.S.? In The Global Trainer’s Advantage, subject matter experts that are new trainers learn how to set the learning environment, transfer knowledge, deliver and review the material, manage the participants, keep a stimulating pace, and engage participants to make the material “stick.” Learn how to adapt these training skills for a multicultural audience and international settings. Trainers will benefit from understanding cultural assumptions and their impact on communication and learning styles. Feel more prepared, whether you are training in the U.S. or abroad.

Learn basic training skills which enable you to train your subject more effectively. Deliver training where your participants really learn the material, improving their area of expertise and the effectiveness of their job performance. Gain awareness, knowledge and tools to train a multicultural audience.

Training Content - Participants will learn:
  • Prepare and set the learning environment.
  • Avoid logistics problems U.S. trainers face with materials and delivery in Europe and Asia
  • Effectively communicate concepts that are difficult, technical, or boring
  • Facilitate a group discussion easily
  • Deliver clear instructions
  • Understand various learning styles
  • Recognize the effect of culture on timing, turn-taking, and participation in training sessions
  • Manage talkative and silent participants to get balanced contribution
  • Learn to read non-verbal signals from various cultures
  • Develop ways to reinforce the learning
  • Examine evaluation tools for cultures that don't give direct negative feedback
  • Know “10 Top Trainer’s Tips” for a dozen cultures, including China, India, Israel, Korea, and more
  • Increase your flexibility and success training people from other cultures
  • Communicate more effectively across language barriers
  • Feel more confident teaching your expertise in a multicultural environment

What participants have to say:
"Katherine Abbott eases the struggle of learning a new subject. She does not just present the material but she walks you through it. She does not just hope that you learn the subject but through feedback she makes sure that you understand it. Her satisfaction is not based on how well she knows the subject but how well you learned it. All of these characteristics make her the ideal instructor."
- Erik Herazo, Data Services Manager, BD Worldwide

Katherine Abbott, M.A., has won industry awards for training and public speaking and has been an educator for over 25 years. She is President and founder of Abbott Communications, a training company specializing in training Trainers and Speakers. She has trained hundreds of subject matter experts to become successful trainers in her workshops, Trainer’s Advantage and the Tech Trainer’s Advantage, which are based on her practical experience teaching in business and education.
She developed the Global Trainer’s Advantage workshop incorporating her first-hand experience delivering training in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Singapore and Ghana, her partnership with Charis’ international staff, plus her experience teaching students and corporate trainees in California who come from dozens of countries.

Katherine holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Utah and has been on the faculties of the University of Northern Colorado, Weber State University and the University of Phoenix. In the business sector since 1990, some of Katherine’s major clients include ExxonMobil, Genentech, Johns Hopkins, Quantum, Imation, Disney, Teradyne, Nikon Precision and OSIsoft.

She is a leader in the training and public speaking profession, and the business community. She is an active member and board member of the National Speakers Association, the American Society of Training and Development, the National Association of Women Business Owners and Toastmasters International. Katherine is a popular speaker at training conferences. Trainees give powerful testimonials about learning with Katherine.

Transferring Knowledge Across Cultures

21st Century Literacy

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."
Alvin Toffler


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