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Intercultural training grew as a business unit of LinguaTec, Inc., where Marian Stetson-Rodriguez served as President 1982-1994. Highlights of the ‘80’s include:

Cross-cultural business programs delivered for HP in Japan, Taiwan, Canada, France, and over 10 locations in the U.S.

International relocation cultural training programs were developed for six countries for a major semiconductor company.

"Excellence in Diversity Award 1993" award-winning program, Communicating Across Cultures, was designed and implemented to over 300 employees at a Johnson & Johnson medical technology company.

Apple Computer software developers from 12 countries, working on Mac’s new operating system, built team identity and resolved major conflicts by identifying expectations of roles, responsibilities, schedules, and communication processes while learning how to leverage their differences in work styles and time zones.


New Beginning ('94)

Charis Intercultural Training Corp. was founded by Marian Stetson-Rodriguez and Ruben Rodriguez. Six initial staff members provided training for Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, U.K., Israel, and Singapore. Charis trainers attended SIETAR and Summer Institute of Intercultural Communication.

International O.D. ('95-'97)
Charis added the organization development practice with Marian's completion of Pepperdine's M.S. Organization Development program. Projects include annual employee surveys in biotech, change management for healthcare, Israeli-U.S. teambuilding in telecom, a knowledge management initiative among 6 countries in Asia, and a greenfield operation in Costa Rica with bilingual consulting and training for over 400 semiconductor employees.

Relocation Training for 20+ Countries ('98-99)

Charis was recognized with the "Meritorious Service Award" by ERC (Employee Relocation Council) for leadership in two yearly conferences. Cultural training programs for relocation grow to 28 countries served.

A. David Wan, formerly Asia/Pacific Director for a major multinational company with multimillion dollar operations in Asia, including China and Malaysia, joins Charis as Director, Asia Pacific Services. Our president is invited to join the adjunct faculty of Santa Clara University School of Engineering to bring global management skills to graduate students.


Licensing ('01)

Working with the USA was licensed for worldwide delivery at a company with 80,000 employees. Train-the-Trainer delivered in China, Malaysia, Philippines, and U.S. The program was customized and delivered in bilingual (Mandarin-English) format in China for another client.

2001 saw Charis reach 10,000 participants trained.

Customized Programs ('02)
I.T. call centers expanded globally to provide 24/7 coverage, and Charis trained executives, directors and managers to start up and manage the new centers in Israel, Malaysia and Ireland. Charis adds programs for Germany, Singapore, Netherlands and Kazakhstan.

India, China, Russia ('03)
Recovering from the U.S. "dot-com bust" and economic downturn, globalization increased and Charis expanded its programs to include Working with India, China and Russia, and Building Global Teams. Training programs were delivered in Poland, Israel, Ireland, Japan, and the U.K. Charis presents at SIETAR Europa in Vienna.

GLOBE and TIP ('04)
Charis was on the forefront of global leadership research, bringing The GLOBE Report and consultants certified in The International Profiler to clients Cisco Systems, Adaptec, LSI Logic, Xilinx and others in Europe and the U.S.


Homebuilding for Ethnic Customers ('05)

U.S. Homebuilders called upon Charis to assist in sales and customer service to new homebuyers from Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. Charis provided key insights at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, 2005, and in Passport to Homebuyers programs.

Virtual Training

Charis Webex-based training provided global teams with synchronous solutions at a fraction of the cost of “live” training.

Global Management; Public Seminars

Managing Global Performance, along with Working with India and China, were offered as public seminars through collaboration with LSI Logic Corp.

Emerging Economies: Middle East, Vietnam, South Africa ('06)

Charis has developed new global business programs for clients working with counterparts in the Middle East (Persian Gulf and North Africa), a $USD 3 billion greenfield operation in Vietnam, and global teams with a central site in South Africa.


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