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Living & Working in the USA
Cross-Cultural Training for Foreign Assignees
Employees and their families who are relocating to represent their company abroad face many personal and professional challenges. Understanding the stages of the cross-cultural transition process, and recognizing the resources and skills to function effectively in another culture, are essential elements in the success of an international assignment.

Participants will build their knowledge to get their daily living needs met, and work successfully with local customers, suppliers, and co-workers in their destination country. One-day (cultural adjustment, living, intro to business) and two-day (in-depth business training) programs are available.

Participants will gain awareness, knowledge and skills for cultural adjustment, cross-cultural communication, business and social practices in their destination country.

Training Content - Participants will learn:
  • Explore the "invisible baggage" of cultural values, perception, attitudes, and behavior each family member brings with them.
  • Identify the 5 stages in the cultural adjustment process, and receive tips for successful transition in each stage.
  • Understand 13 key U.S. cultural values.
  • Develop strategies for dealing effectively in the U.S. business environment.
    • U.S. business protocol (specific to client's corporate culture or industry).
    • Manager-employee relationships, feedback, rewards.
    • Networking and visibility.
    • Participating in meetings.
    • Presentation skills U.S. style.


  • Gain vital information to assist in daily living in the U.S., including:
    • Building relations with neighbors, classmates, schools, co-workers, clubs, religious centers (churches, mosques, etc.).
    • Using medical and health facilities.
    • Shopping, sales, returning items, assistance in finding your size or taste.
    • Hosting, being a guest, gift-giving (socially and at the office).
    • Personal safety; state driving laws for each location.
    • Etiquette

What participants have to say:
"This training was valuable. It helps to avoid unnecessary confrontational situations and understand the differences in cultures from many parts of the world.”
- Assignee from Ireland, semiconductor company

San Francisco, USA

Giving Feedback
Give a compliment or praise to recognize work that meets or exceeds standards.

US Value
Salesman society, lack of depth, greetings
Abundant resources
Cars, freeways, supermarkets & malls, houses, people, clothes, portions of food and coffee
Do-it-yourself repairs and housework, baby-sitters vs. family help, have to earn a promotion


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