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Organizational Surveys
Assess the health and corporate culture of the organization through collecting input from employees. Using customized surveys and focus groups, Charis collects quantitative and qualitative data which is presented in written and graphical reports that are concise and user-friendly.
Assess the success of employee initiatives, the morale of the company, and the state of the organizational culture through the collection, analysis, review and presentation of employee survey feedback.

Conducting an Organizational Survey:
  • Use a customized survey instrument to collect organizational data. Consultants will assist the client in modifying an existing company survey. To develop a new survey, consultants identify company issues and priorities through interviews and focus groups.
  • A “Culture Task Force” of employees is formed to give input to the survey items, publicize the survey for high response rate, participate in the Survey Feedback Presentation, and collaborate with the executive team in rolling out the strategic outcomes.
  • Employees complete the survey, with: demographic data; rating statements on a Likert scale, and adding comments.
    After Charis receives the surveys, all data is entered, tabulated and analyzed; comments are entered and compiled as qualitative data.
  • Data is represented in clear, easy-to-read tables and graphs. Data is sorted and presented by selected demographic categories.
  • Executive summary, detailed findings, and recommendations are given in a written report and Survey Feedback Presentation.
Benefits to the Client
  • Focus: The customized survey allows the executives and department leaders to get specific information they need, while giving a complete picture of the organization.
  • Trust: Experienced consultants are an objective third party that ensures impartiality in compiling and presenting the data, creating a high level of trust in the validity of the survey findings among employees.
  • Usability: Executives gain insights for short-term and long-term strategy from the prioritized results. The user-friendly format of the report ensures that it will be easy to access.
  • Indicators: Year-to-year comparisons give indicators to the organization to assist in measuring the impact of company employee satisfaction initiatives.

What participants have to say:
“The Charis consultants were a pleasure to work with, and the yearly survey provides our Executive staff with important information for our strategic direction.”
- Eve Sandoval, H.R. Director, Navigation Technologies
“Our Executive Team looks forward to the Charis Organizational Culture Survey. It’s a great tool to evaluate the impact of our employee initiatives and gain valuable employee feedback.”
- Norma Milligin, V.P. Human Resources, Aradigm, Inc

Organizational Surveys

Process Flow Diagram
The Culture Surveys are conducted to assess strengths and areas for improvement in an organization, to provide current and company-wide employee input to the strategic direction of a company, and to gauge progress when measured by past and future company surveys.


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