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Charis’ Customer-focused & Quality-driven Process

The process of developing intercultural training and consulting starts with the definition of objectives based on the needs assessment with client participation, followed by course design and program development, and on site program delivery at the clients’ facilities. Statistical analysis of evaluations, project reviews and consultations with the client drive our continuous improvement.

I. Definition

• Define goals, collect data, and define project scope with experienced multi-disciplinary consultants.

• Identify skill and awareness levels using intercultural and management expertise.

Results: Issues analyzed and recommendations delivered to clients.

II. Design

• Build composite strengths of organization development and intercultural communication for global management.

• Design structure, modules and materials with accelerated learning methodology.

Results: Customized programs to meet client objectives.

III. Delivery

• Extensive business experience and multilingual capability ensure that goals are clearly communicated to the organization.

• Capacity to train over 3,000 employees per year.

• Locations in 12 countries with Charis consultants and trainers.


Benefits to our clients

• Customized solutions to multicultural issues.

• Successful market entry by bridging differences in business and social practices.

• Enhanced cultural skills and awareness to prevent costly misunderstandings, failed international assignments, and unintended offense.

• Strategic communication that increases productivity for global business units separated by time, distance, language and culture.

• Productive multicultural workforce that achieves company goals.


• Consistent program standards

• Statistical analysis of evaluations

• Project review to meet and exceed expectations

• 20 years of success in corporate intercultural programs


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