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Team Trust Indicator
How important is trust in international teamwork? Most people instinctively see it as essential but ellusive. It can act both as the lubricant which brings out the best in team cooperation as well as the glue which binds whole teams together under the strains of geographical distance and cultural diversity. Low levels of trust affect bottom-line productivity as people minimise their vulnerability by 'playing safe'.

Trust impacts team performance, is harder to establish across cultures and distance, means different things in different languages (even when English is used as the common language), and is rarely addressed as an explicit issue in international teamwork.

This carefully researched instrument provides team leaders with clear report of the types of 'trust gaps' within the team and how to address them to gain team trust alignment.

Gain an understanding of the differing levels of trust disposition among team members, identify critical trust gaps between key relationships within the team, and gain practical suggestions as to where the team needs to focus in order to build trust across the whole team.

a) On-line Survey Tool and Output:

Team members each respond to a web-based 50-item questionnaire, with a report generated that gives graphical outputs of the types of 'trust gaps' within the team. The TTI is capable of reporting on the whole team, and by segment (country, division, role, etc.)

b) Team Development:
The TTI provides an excellent benchmark for teams which are early in their formation, or for teams that have been together for many months and are not performing to their full potential. A Charis consultant will work with the team leader or with the whole team, remotely or face-to-face, to identify the roadblocks and build 'team trust alignment' across the whole team.

What participants have to say:
"If managers of new global teams – or those inheriting established ones – want to fully understand cross-cultural team-working dynamics, Trust in Teams is the essential management assessment tool. It could save months, if not years, of chronic performance problems, simply by getting to the roots of how people perceive their co-workers. We've used it successfully at Heinz, Electrolux and Telecom Italia."
- Geraldine Pace, WorldWork

Team Trust Indicator

What signals
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