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Working in the Multicultural Virtual
Identify best practices for working virtually with peers across time zones and cultural differences. Gain intercultural communication strategies for clarifying silence or ambiguity, dealing with indirect or blunt people, giving feedback, writing Emails, and understanding accents.

Discover best practices for productive teleconferences, video and web meetings. Know the criteria for selecting the appropriate technology to deliver the message (IM? Voice mail? Email?) in different cultures.

Learn approaches to time, project planning, problem-solving and decision-making, to make hand-offs between sites in different time zones. Form and maintain virtual relationships, while building trust, collaboration, buy-in, and resolving conflict, in order to build a network of global colleagues.
Build awareness and skills to communicate and collaborate effectively, when working virtually with coworkers of different cultures at remote sites.

Training Content - Participants will learn:
  • See how culture influences perception, attitudes, and behavior in a multicultural workplace using two intercultural models
  • Identify language, dialog, and accent items that lead to misunderstanding, and how to modify your style
  • Learn clarification strategies for ambiguous “yes” and reading between the lines for “no”
  • Deliver feedback appropriately across cultures, with styles ranging in directness from ambiguous to blunt
  • Write Emails with appropriate quantity, organization, and distribution
  • Gain best practices for teleconferencing, web and videoconference meetings, and face-to-face meetings
  • Learn how concepts of time contribute to project planning and meeting deadlines, with a Japan-U.S. case study
  • Gain strategies for working across time zones, having skillful hand-offs, and avoiding burnout
  • Identify best ways to start and maintain virtual relationships, develop an online persona, build rapport and trust, deal with conflict, and build a network of global colleagues
  • Use the "double iceberg" tool to gain insights to perplexing or frustrating behaviors
  • Avoid misunderstandings by speaking “strategic English”
  • Clarify "yes" to avoid delays and reach agreement, commitment or polite refusal
  • Deliver and receive feedback with cross-cultural effectiveness
  • Get responses to your Emails faster when they’re written to work across cultures
  • Increase participation in international teleconferences with 9 steps
  • Leverage the capabilities of web and video meetings with 5 tips
  • Optimize face-to-face meetings to boost collaboration when you’re virtual again
  • Avoid delays by understanding how others view time
  • Work with time zone differences to your advantage
  • Start relationships virtually, with "core" and "additional" info to share
  • Maintain virtual relationships with 3 elements of "online persona"
  • Identify cultural approaches to building trust and resolving conflict
  • Discover the benefits of and steps to building a global network of relationships

What participants have to say:
"This course helped our team to make the bridge over communication differences. I now realize how to make my requests more understandable to Americans.
- Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems Japan
"I believe that I am a better communicator with people who speak English as a second language because of the Working in a Multicultural Virtual Organization training."
- R.R., Production Supervisor Cisco Systems, U.S.

VIrtual Organitions

Working Globally

"Geographical dispersed teams make decisions faster with more input from others and develop policies that are implemented worldwide with fewer problems than conventional teams."

- Prof. Arvind Malhotra


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