Working with Germany

Berlin - Die Straße des 17. Juni

Berlin – Die Straße des 17. Juni

Clear priorities, timeliness, thoroughness and stability are key in working with Germans. By understanding German cultural values, use communication strategies that lead to effective business and management practices and cohesive teams. Learn German-style feedback, problem-solving, project management, persuasion, teleconferencing and email, presenting in and leading meetings and building personal relationships.

Understand the cultural values operating in Germany, gain strategies and tactics for business and management practices that produce successful outcomes, and practice German communication style to work effectively with Germans.

Training Content – Participants will learn:

  • Cultural Values: Key cultural values that shape the German identity, attitudes and behaviors. Learn how to begin and build trust and collaborative relationships with Germans.
  • Business and Management Practices: Understand the importance of planning and attention to detail in the German approach to business. Learn how Germans share information, take decisions, deal with power and authority, negotiate, adapt to change while considering ordnung, and resolve conflicts. See how meetings and presentations are conducted, and how to build credibility with German audiences. Understand roles at work, and the influence of outside organizations.
  • Corporate Contrasts: Similarities and differences between German culture and your corporate culture (values and business practices), i.e., how security, risk-taking, quality, innovation, work/life balance, safety, tradition, labor unions, customer orientation, etc. are viewed or practiced in Germany.
  • Fundamentals: Essential briefing on “must know” facts about Germany, focusing on its national development and leadership role in the E.U.; current events, economy and environment for business; demographic variety (regional, ethnic, political, etc.); cultural heritage and the education system that shapes German professionals for recruiting and training.
  • Communication Style: Work effectively with German directness, organization of information, silence, style of giving feedback, modesty, sachlichtkeit, negotiation and persuasion. Learn conversation openers and topics to avoid. Gain insights to presenting analysis,information and opinion to influence Germans.
  • Business Travel: Packing for Germany; business entertainment, hospitality and social etiquette with Germans; work schedules and holidays; dealing with local transportation, laws and authorities.

 What participants have to say:

“I think this should be an essential class for all employees dealing with Germany. Very valuable and enjoyable. The energy, expertise, and presentation skills of the instructors were excellent.” – Software Engineer, Silicon Valley

“Was top notch — I was pleasantly surprised how many topics we managed to cover in one day of training.” – Financial Analyst, Texas

Gemuetlichkeit is a sense of being comfortable and enjoying life with close friends. In spite of all their seriousness, Germans enjoy spending time together at local pubs and at numerous festivals.

Erst die Arbeit, dann das Vergnuegen
First work, then pleasure

Ordnung muss sein
Life must be in order