Working with Vietnam

Human Resources -  Ho Chi Minh City

Human Resources – Ho Chi Minh City

Gain understanding of Vietnamese culture and communication style to identify key challenges in this environment, and how to successfully hire, retain, train and manage a Vietnamese workforce. Learn how to build trust in this relationship-oriented culture and emerging economy, including negotiation strategies with Vietnamese. Identify best practices for meetings, teleconferences, email, feedback , and gaining commitments. Learn to pronounce Vietnamese names and phrases. Excellent preparation for business trips to Vietnam and hosting Vietnamese.

This workshop is for employees who want to understand the cultural values operating in Vietnam, gain strategies and tactics for business and management challenges, and practice Vietnamese communication style in order to work effectively with Vietnamese.

Training Content – Participants will learn:

  • Cultural Values: ey Vietnamese cultural values that shape the Vietnamese identity, outlook and behaviors. Learn how to build relationships and trust with Vietnamese.
  • Business and Management Practices: Learn how to achieve results with Vietnamese subordinates or peers through building relationships and professional credibility. Lead and participate in teleconferences and meetings with Vietnamese while retaining respect, gaining more participation, and clarifying buy-in and commitments. Learn how decision-making occurs among Vietnamese, and when to escalate. Develop insight to the environment in which Vietnamese work, and what affects performance, punctuality and meeting deadlines. Address concerns and hesitations about sharing information.
  • Corporate Contrasts: Similarities and differences between Vietnamese culture and Intel culture (values and business practices), i.e., how customer orientation, quality, constructive confrontation, risk-taking, innovation, work/life balance, safety, valuing diversity, confidentiality/intellectual property rights, etc. are viewed or practiced in Vietnam.
  • Fundamentals: Essential briefing on “must know” facts about Vietnam, focusing on Ho Chi Minh City. Gain insight to the emerging economy and business environment. See how the education and reward systems shape Vietnamese professionals and managers in manufacturing, engineering and technology.
  • Communication Style: Modify your style to be effective with Vietnamese indirect communication style, organization and amount of information shared, style of giving feedback, persuasion, and negotiation. Recommendations for effective conversations, when Vietnamese speak limited English. Good conversation openers, Vietnamese “goodwill” greetings and phrases, and topics to avoid are covered to build social rapport. Use Vietnamese names and titles appropriately; interpreting body language and personal space.
  • Business Travel: Packing for Vietnam; business entertainment hospitality, drinking, dining and social etiquette with Vietnamese; work schedules and holidays; local transportation, personal security and laws to be aware of. Hosting recommendations for Vietnamese at your site.

 What participants have to say:

“The Orientation to Vietnam training is very helpful for our expat managers. Ms Tenley made a  wonderful impression on our expats, All said this training should be required to really understand Vietnamese culture, learn effective ways to give feedback, and cooperate with the local community to reach our goals. Great job done, thank you.” – Global Mobility Manager, Vietnam

American Companies in Vietnan
Vietnamese professionals are open to the idea of American companies setting up presence in Vietnam; however, they don’t want to be under the “command and control” of any American company that does business there.

It’s an interesting paradox, and indicates how extremely important it is for expatriate managers (including Vietnamese-American managers like myself) to avoid being perceived as “masters” and “imperialists”. It’s humbling and sobering feedback.
– Donovan Le,  M.S. Charis Vietnam Consultant