Building Trust in Global Technical Teams

Building Trust in Global Technical Teams – The Not-So-Secret Sauce for Success

 By Marian Stetson-Rodriguez 
Charis Intercultural Training Corp.

Global Teams are Challenged to Create Trust
Birgit, a German engineer, upon meeting her team for the first time, spends the first 10 minutes of her presentation delineating her education and professional background, plus her awards.

Mian-ze (“face”) is critical to the Chinese. It is a sign of respect. Bo’s mian-ze was damaged as she sat in the impromptu meeting with her Dutch colleagues who articulated the reasons why they felt the Chinese team’s mistakes caused the denial of approval.

Mauricio, a Colombian geologist, was pleasantly surprised when his US American manager not only spent the time to listen to Mauricio’s ideas, but delineated the next steps he would take to share Mauricio’s idea with senior management.