Coaching and Consulting

Coaching and Consulting

Coaching and Consulting

Coaching for Performance Development

The Charis coach (or team of coaches, when needed) is an experienced international O.D. practitioner with many years experience working in corporations across multiple cultural interfaces. In semi-monthly sessions, the coach works with the employee to develop the areas identified, and redefine work relationships as needed.


When the issues stem from a lack of global leadership or management, intercultural communication problems, or culture shock, Charis coaching will enable the employee to reach his or her desired potential.

Charis Coaching:

An Asian manager gained assertiveness skills to successfully lead a software development project and get promoted to lab director.
U.S. project manager with subordinates in the Philippines was able to lead an integrated team after coaching on leading weekly teleconferences and gaining more pro-active contributions from the Filipino engineers.
A U.S. Human Resources V.P. was coached during her first year of working with a Chinese joint venture partner, avoiding many mistakes and establishing a solid relationship.
U.S. Engineering manager adapted his “lone cowboy” style to include more openness, perceptiveness, and group-orientation to successfully lead his team in Malaysia.
A Japanese manager who transferred to the U.S. re-evaluated his ability to perform in a new culture with the constant demand of English, and lessened his management responsibilities for an agreed period until he and his family adjusted to living in the U.S.
An Israeli was told by her U.S. coworkers that she didn’t listen and wasn’t a team player. Through coaching, she learned style-switching and self-monitoring techniques and received warm praise from her coworkers for her good interpersonal skills three months later.

As part of each Coaching for Performance Development contract, an assessment is conducted. Please see Assessments for Individuals

Consulting Global Projects

Charis provides process consulting to co-create solutions that fit the culture and readiness of the organization. Our approach is to use appreciative inquiry to seek the fullest possibilities of the “global + local” synergies that differences can offer. By leveraging the strengths of the corporate culture while gaining the unique contributions of the local culture, organizations sustain strength with agility. Charis also provides expert consulting on successful cross-cultural business practices to marketing, sales, real estate and construction, engineering, software, education, human resources and other groups.


Charis Consulting Projects:

Charis consulted to a $1b manufacturing start up in Costa Rica that successfully met launch dates with planning that included intercultural considerations for Costa Rican community relations, staffing, and training. We coached staff and line people in three countries interfacing with the Costa Rica operations, and developing a support network among expatriates arriving in Costa Rica for the project.
When a Silicon Valley company outsourced jobs to India, Charis provided change management consultation to convey the news, enlist the U.S. employees in the technology transfer to the new Indian employees, and coach the Indian employees on their interface with U.S. counterparts during and after the technology transfer.
An educational corporation with over a dozen campuses and over 1200 employees enlisted Charis consultants to assess and develop the intercultural competencies of teachers, financial aid administrators, deans and community relations specialists to expand and retain their student customer base, and provide more flexible culturally-appropriate teaching and policy administration.
A U.S. company faced daily trashing and littering of their bathrooms, and frequently broken toilet seats. They believed the problem was cultural, since most employees were recent immigrants from Asia. Charis was able to determine that this was just an expression of other problems in the organization. We conducted an organizational survey in Chinese and English with feedback to the executive team, developed management training for all supervisors, and helped H.R. improve their hiring procedures with an assessment panel. Among many improvements in the organization within 4 months, the bathrooms required only normal cleaning and maintenance.
A U.S. company laid off 24 employees, but several Indian professionals returned multiple times to ask for their job back or to renegotiate their exit package. Many of the HR staff who dealt with them were frustrated. Charis reviewed their reduction in force procedures and found that the HR staff and set themselves up for continuous negotiations, when viewed from a common Indian cultural perspective. With new insights they modified their RIF policies, the way they conveyed the policies, and the attitude of the HR staff.