engineeringTrust® Workshop

Engineering Trust® Workshop

engineeringTrust® Workshop

In engineeringTrust® Workshop participants engage in a 5-step process (below) to understand, build and sustain trust across cultures. This modularized 2-day program is excellent training for leaders of organizations undergoing reorganization or integration of a merger; newly forming teams and teams in conflict; managers and coaches.

  • Take the engineeringTrust® Scale (ETS) as pre-work
  • Learn how people of different cultures approach trust, and compare with your approach
  • Identify one current performance goal to reach with trust strategies
  • Apply validated trust tools to build trust with coworkers in practical ways
  • Sustain the momentum for a high-trust work environment with follow-up coaching


Learn how to successfully build trust with people of different backgrounds, and apply trust-building strategies to reach performance goals.

Part 1  How People Trust and Why Trust Matters  

  • Business research that shows trust’s role in high performing organizations
  • Three universal dimensions of trust you can build now
  • How intentions and first impressions affect trust when forming relationships and teams
  • Dos and don’ts of building trust across cultures

Part 2  EngineeringTrust® Strategy

  • Interpreting your ETS results, building awareness of your trust strategy
  • Four critical factors to build trustworthiness with coworkers
  • Cultural elements, such as power, risk, and identity that influence the decision to trust
  • Flexing your behaviors to earn others’ trust

Part 3 Negotiating Trust and Distrust

  • Recognizing the signs of distrust vs. cultural difference
  • Communicating your decisions to trust or not with cross-cultural effectiveness
  • Negotiating conflict to identify sources of distrust
  • Restoring trust with others and within a team

Part 4 Engineering Trust Solutions

  • Identification of one current performance goal that needs higher levels of trust
  • Creation of an action plan using engineeringTrust® to reach that goal
  • Communication strategies to reach commitments to trust and collaborate
  • Building accountability to achieve trust

Part 5 Sustaining Trust (Intact teams, Coaching and Consulting)

  • Accountability and support for your engineeringTrust® Action Plan
  • Checking the team’s systems (roles, decision-making, performance management, etc.) to uphold trust
  • Restoring respectful relationships and communication (when distrust has occurred)
  • Re-aligning trust prior to and through change
  • Embedding trust through sharing power and building capability
  • Monitoring progress and acknowledging step-by-step successes
  • Moving from swift trust to deep trust for the long term
  • Learning best practices in building trust for global leaders

 What participants have to say:

“For the first time we really discussed issues out in the open. Starting with credible data helped break the ice to discuss trust. After this workshop I’m hopeful there will be much more collaboration between the Korean and Brazilian teams. Thank you!”


“We started building trust from our first board meeting, using Charis’ trust tool we got strategy, momentum and excitement about working with such a diverse group.”


 “I found ETS to be very helpful, it gave me much food for thought. I’m Israeli, have lived and worked in Hong Kong and now moving to Switzerland, this is a valuable tool all global managers should have.”


“Wow. What a thorough, easy to read, understand and relate to, document! The engineeringTrust Profile is very impressive. I thought I would see the graphs of the two other countries selected, but what I saw instead was even more helpful, useful, and concretely applicable for working with people from Germany and Sweden. It’s clear a lot of work has been put into researching and creating this helpful tool. I would TRUST this company to help me working with international companies, clients, or coworkers!”


“I applied the learnings I received from the Charis training in building relationships throughout SE Asia.  I was able to establish relationships, build trust and get our process moving forward, and start working on key issues (estimated at 50 days faster). As a result we have decided not to add 2 additional headcount to the process since we moved much faster than we had originally planned. This is a savings of $150,000 I can attribute to this training.”


Why Trust is a Top Priority

“As a new supervisor nearly 30 years ago and as Lockheed Martin CEO and President, building trust has always been my top priority. That’s because I’ve learned over the years that if you don’t have a bond of trust with the people who can help you succeed, business comes to a screeching halt.”

– Marillyn Hewson, Chairman & CEO, Lockheed Martin