EngineeringTrust®  a framework to increase trust across cultural differences for people who work in global and multicultural environments. Trust is the basis of all positive relationships. Research shows that by increasing trust, employee engagement improves, morale escalates, and as a result productivity and creativity increase. In the virtual space, such as e-commerce and global team collaboration, trust is crucial. Through rigorous research, Charis has developed engineeringTrust® which includes assessment, awareness and skill-building workshops, coaching, and knowledge transfer through licensing.

The engineeringTrust® Model presents four trust strategies when deciding to trust coworkers, and is specifically researched for trust across cultures. See the model here.

Engineering Trust Model

Assessment: engineeringTrust® Scale (ETS)
The engineeringTrust® Scale (ETS) is a validated assessment tool to measure how people decide to trust across cultures. It identifies four personal trust strategies applied to new situations, communicating, handling risk, and working with others. It predicts how others are motivated to trust, and enables teams to build trust, engagement and collaboration across cultures.  

After taking ETS online, immediately see your scores plotted on the international benchmark, a summary explanation of your four trust strategies, and trust-building guidelines for a country you select (it’s free!) 

bulletred Read more or take the ETS here.

Reports: Individual and Team Profiles
With engineeringTrust® Profile you gain self-awareness with a personalized interpretation of your four trust strategies. You learn how to build trust across difference, avoid distrust, apply specific recommendations for two countries selected, and an action plan for all four trust strategies. These are available for purchase online.

With engineeringTrust® Team Profile gain a customized way to compare scores and build trust strategies in teams. Teambuilding and individual coaching are available to support trust-building to reach performance goals. Contact Charis for your team.

Workshop: engineeringTrust®
Learn how to successfully build trust with people of different backgrounds.  Excellent training for leaders of organizations undergoing reorganization or integration of a merger; newly forming teams and teams in conflict; managers and coaches. The workshop contains five modules which can be selected to best meet your needs, goals, scheduling, and budget. You will find this training (virtual or classroom) or teambuilding with a certified Charis trainer engaging, interactive, and designed to apply trust strategies to your situation and goals. Please go to engineeringTrust® Workshop and request a quote today.

Apply trust-building strategies to key relationships. These can include interpersonal relationships; leadership of teams or projects; the formation, reorganization or integration of new teams or mergers; influencing the buy-in process for change initiatives; and transforming the culture of your organization to be high trust. Particularly in cross-cultural situations, coaching supports your strategic approach to negotiations, talent management, systems implementation, communications, and managing conflict with country-specific insights to power, authority, accountability, risk-taking, respect, compatibility and loyalty that contribute to trust.

Bring trust expertise into your organization by equipping and certifying your employees. Read more about Licensing engineeringTrust.