FAQ’s for engineeringTrust®

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest. The following information covers many frequently asked questions about engineeringTrust®. For any additional questions, please use the Contact Us link and a Charis staff member will respond as quickly as possible.


What is engineeringTrust®?
What is the engineeringTrust® Scale (ETS) ?
What will I gain from taking ETS assessment?
How can I get my full engineeringTrust® Profile?
How can I apply engineeringTrust® at work?
How can I develop trust in my team?
Who is engineeringTrust® designed for? What is the audience?
What do I learn in engineeringTrust® Workshop?
Is trust really a business issue?
Is trust measurable? Is ETS statistically reliable?
Why trust Charis?
How much does ETS cost?
What can I expect in the future?


Let us know your thoughts and questions. Please contact us at trust@chariscorp.com.

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