Global Leader Competencies

Global Leader Competencies

Global Leader Competencies

Global leaders are required to see the world’s challenges and opportunities, think with a global mindset, and mobilize a world class culturally diverse team. After their individual assessments, participants master the process of building the 10 global leadership competencies needed to operate and thrive in the global economy. This program is designed for current and high potential leaders with global organizational responsibilities.

Results from the most comprehensive study on leadership around the world will show how to manage differences among Asians, Europeans and Americans.

Identify the competencies required of current and future global leaders, and develop participants’ awareness and capability to achieve personal and organizational objectives as global leaders.

Learners gain:

Part 1 Global Leader Competencies

  • Personal Assessment of awareness and skills to work internationally, and through the workshop learn how to identify blind spots, and increase capability in 10 global competencies. 
  • Building trust across cultures by identifying the values, attitudes and behaviors that are most sought in leaders, accessing leadership research data from over 60 countries.
  • Objectivity and insight to shape the impact your communication style has when building a global community of employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Strategies to work effectively with ambiguous, changing, or complex situations.
  • How to inspire change and innovation in risk-sensitive cultures.


Part 2  Coaching for Individual Success

  • Participants will achieve their personal development goals through coaching over three to six months. Participants continue to evaluate their assessed competencies in the context of business demands, while building personal knowledge and experience. Cultural mentoring by country specialists is available as needed. 

What participants have to say:

“Just wanted to share my positive experience with Marian Stetson-Rodriguez, Principal of Charis, as an executive coach.  Prior to leaving Canada, I engaged Marian for a short coaching period to help bridge my transition to US Pharma.  Although perhaps on the surface the differences between Canada and the US are subtle, Marian had a robust, evidence-based methodology that generated some good insights to help ease my transition.  Her approach, I believe, would be even more useful in cultural transitions that are even more unique.”
– SVP North American Sales, GlaxoSmithKline


“The leadership training in Hong Kong and Shanghai were in fact smashing successes. The pictures and certificates presented at the end of the class were very much appreciated; the welcome letters and bios set a credible foundation and the leader profiles; and scenarios provided relevance and ways to debrief content. Thank you, David.”


“Organizations which will succeed in 10 or 20 years time, will be those which are extremely good at managing informal networks of alliances…good at managing knowledge, and extremely good at managing diversity.” 

– Chairman Niall FitzGerald, Unilever

 Global Thinking

“Global leaders of the future will have a worldwide perspective when making decisions, and they will need in-depth strategic thinking, such as being a global trends observer.”

– Global Leadership, The Next Generation