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Case Studies –business stories of the global team members, as told from their perspective in the real working environments.

Having trained over 14,000 people, we at Charis have heard MANY stories of global business conflicts and challenges, and it’s time to share some of the best.  Charis Case Studies are told from the perspective of one of the real people in the situation, with their permission, and with the names changed.  

As you peruse, check out the succinct Abstract.  If it looks interesting, read the whole Case Study (about a page) to see how “normal” behaviors, assumptions, good intentions, missing cues, business pressures, etc. create havoc.  Of course you want to take away some short, sweet, “How To’s” to prevent or repair these cross-cultural conundrums, so the synthesis of Cultural Factors (reading the minds of the players) and Intercultural Strategies (recommended actions for success) are provided.   They may look similar to a situation you are in! Want to know what happened in the end? Jump to Epilog, to see the conclusion – the real stuff.

– Our global business consultants share their viewpoint , evaluate today’s cross-cultural issues, recommend best practices for challenges. They can speak above the noise of information overload to keep you in touch with trends and future developments. Check our tags under Viewpoint to select your area of interest,  learn and comment on global team interactions.

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