Managing Across Cultures

Manage Across Cultures

Managing Across Cultures

Winner of the “Excellence through Diversity” Award

This fast-paced one-day course is designed for professionals who want to be prepared to manage an increasingly diverse immigrant workforce and work effectively across the global interface. Learn how people from 4 different cultures approach work relationships, time, and exchange of information, and how these affect performance and your ability to manage. This workshop provides strategies for building a multicultural team and the environment in which they will excel.

Gain awareness, knowledge and tools to manage a multicultural workforce, with a special focus on the professional immigrant workforce and working across the global interface.

Training Content – Participants will learn:

  • Insight to various cultures’ approaches to time, information, planning, decision-making, relationships, power, and change.
  • Developing leadership, motivation, and participation in multicultural teams.
  • Creating an environment that maximizes the benefits of diversity and retains workers from a variety of cultural backgrounds.
  • Resolving conflict when there are different cultural approaches
  • Leveraging “corporate culture” for multicultural and global companies.
  • Gaining objectivity about your culture, and how it influences your communication style, behavior, assumptions and expectations of others.
  • Experience how stereotyping limits the contributions of employees.
  • Learn techniques to communicate clearly with non-native English speakers and to motivate English to be spoken more frequently on the job


  • Insight to various cultures’ approaches to time, information, planning, decision-making, relationships, power, and change.
  • Increase your flexibility in dealing across cultural differences.
  • Solve problems using intercultural strategies
  • Know cultural values from 4 groups* represented at your company.
  • Communicate more effectively across language barriers
  • Conduct meetings with greater participation from your diverse workforce.
  • Prevent incidents of miscommunication and have new tools to solve them as they occur.


Cultures available include:
African-American, Chinese, Indian, Filipino, French, Israeli, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, U.S. Mainstream, Vietnamese and others upon request

 What participants have to say:

“I would highly recommend Charis for any company that wants to create the environment that attracts, nurtures and retains employees from diverse backgrounds. They’ve done great programs for us in Europe, Asia and the U.S.”–   Linda Thompson, Director Worldwide H.R., Adaptec Inc

I just wanted to say this is one of the best management classes that I have taken. I felt that I have learned a lot and have almost immediately applied what I have learn in class to understanding different situations at work. Thanks for teaching this class.”
– Jeremy Tan, Graduate Engineering Student, Santa Clara University

Charis Precepts

Platinum Rule: Do unto others as they want to be treated.

 Global Body Language Rule: Any one-finger gesture can get you into trouble, use whole-handed gestures.

 Communication Rule: If “yes” is not a whole-hearted commitment, clarify 3 times.