Reentry Orientation

Repatriation Intercultural Counseling

Reentry Orientation

Reentry Orientation

Understand the issues in reentry/repatriation cultural adjustment, prepare for a smooth transition back to the parent organization and home community, and plan a proactive integration of the new or enhanced global management skills in the next corporate role.

Participants will gain awareness, knowledge and skills for cultural adjustment, cross-cultural communication, business and social practices in their destination country.

Training Content
– Participants will learn:

  • Identify reentry-related issues the expatriates are currently facing which add frustration, difficulty, or fatigue to their lives.
  • Develop awareness of where the expat are in the reentry adjustment process and develop personal strategies for handling current,short term, and long term challenges.
  • Summarize the international competencies attained during the assignment.
  • Plan how to impart knowledge, intercultural management skills and competencies to the receiving organization.
  • Anticipate what future attitude and/or life-style changes the participants will make, based on the new intercultural identity.
  • Identify the actions the participants need to take (or actions they need to stop doing) to have a Positive/Proactive approach to reentry.

What participants have to say:

“This program was really helpful to reframe my strategies for bringing my learning from France to my new job at headquarters. The depth of knowledge of the instructor on the complex personal, family,and business issues one faces when “coming home” were what really made the day valuable. Thanks!”


REENTRY: Strategies for a Smooth Transition

Company Strategies
Find a sponsor who will keep you informed, and keep your name alive while you are gone. Stay “dotted line” on someone’s org. chart.

Go to the company when you’re on home leave. Plan brief meetings with key people at least one month before you arrive. Get on their calendars!

Family and Personal Strategies
Plan a “decompression” period of 2 – 5 days between packing and leaving and arriving home.

Readjust your expectations, and don’t constantly compare. Forgive your country for not being what you had nostalgically remembered it to be.