Say Good-bye to the Dragon, Welcome Snake!

Each year Chinese from all over the world plan to reunite the family to celebrate Chinese New Year.  In the world’s largest annual migration, at least 200 million Chinese travel home. On New Year’s eve, families watch CCTV (Chinese television) for the biggest party for the new year. Fish and dumplings are traditional foods, and the party and dinner continue past midnight. As midnight arrives, the most powerful fireworks light up the sky to welcome the new year. New Year’s Day everyone dresses up and shares best wishes to everyone. Here is a Chinese New Year greeting, giving insight to what makes the Chinese hopeful for the coming year, and their connection with nature.


Chinese New Year

Huangshan Yellow Mountain – by Ruben Rodriguez

New Year is arriving in China,
All the world feels happiness coming,
Tumbling joy from the mountains and rivers,
Greetings coming across the snow,
Bringing blessings of peace on the wind,
Wishing that you meet good people, and
May good fortune come your way as you step outside your door.