or today’s global and multicultural organizations, Charis provides learning, skill-building and knowledge transfer solutions to bridge cross-cultural communication gaps and create high-engagement work environments. Gain the resources to work with colleagues, customers, and partners from around the world, virtually and in the office.

Charis delivers highly successful skill building programs for participants to communicate, motivate and collaborate across cultures.

bulletred Global Business Training:
Develop awareness, learn business practices, build skills to work effectively with 20+ countries.

bulletred Global Mobility:
Prepare for international transition, and gain information and resources to function successfully as employee and/or family member in the new destination country; plus repatriation strategies.

bulletred Leading Global Teams and Organizations
Build organizational change-readiness, global leadership competencies, and global team effectiveness. Cross-cultural assessments, training, consulting and coaching provide an integrated portfolio of services to reach organizational goals.

bulletred Multicultural Customers and Employee Development:
Communicate and motivate customers and employees from a range of cultures. Grow in knowledge, empathy, openness and ability to find “middle ground” that fosters trust, respect and satisfying solutions.

bulletred Building Trust across Cultures:
Increase trust across cultural differences and within teams and organizations, to increase productivity, engagement, and morale.

bulletred Organization Development:
Charis combines organization development, international business, and intercultural communication to address the complexity and agility needed for change in today’s global business arena.