Wakeup Virtual Meetings

“We don’t DO Webex meetings,” the Worldwide Purchasing Director told us, “they’re boring.”

globe time zones featuredAu contraire, for global multi-lingual teams, webconferencing is a terrific tool to engage AND equalize participation. With the tools and features in web-conferencing (Webex, Live Meeting, GoToMeeting) teams get more interaction in meetings when they:

  • Get opinions and feedback, quickly and visually; save in PDF for later reference
  • Prepare the readiness of more quiet members so they speak up, chat, or write on screen (especially if they are more adept at writing than speaking)
  • Appeal to multiple modes and styles of learning (personal, cultural, generational)
  • Meeting documents aren’t lost! Upload the agenda, minutes, slides, etc. for real-time (even last minute) access.

With a document on your desktop, or a “shared” PowerPoint get your global meetings AWAKE and ALIVE! Here’s how:


Wake up Virtual Meetings with these Webconferencing Techniques


Poll Your Audience
  1. Insert a Poll you’ve prepared in advance, get votes, show results – in seconds!
  2. Conduct a Yes/No Poll (Checkmark under  Yes or No icon) or Agree (Green check) or Disagree (Red X) Poll
  3. Create a Relevance or Priority Poll (is this High to Low relevance for you)
Compare Positions or Priorities
  1. With a line across the page, attendees place themselves (Pointer, check mark) on their position. Example: Place yourself on the range from Not Supporting to Fully Supporting the initiative. Build discussion by hearing points of view from the various positions.
Brainstorm with Text
  1. Brainstorm with the Text tool on a blank Whiteboard or PPT.  Encourage creativity with color. If crowded, divide the whiteboard into sections.
  2. Use Chat (Webex, GoToMeeting) for brainstorming. This can be downloaded and saved.
Get Questions or Comments
  1. Attendees can post a question to be answered later – use Chat (Webex, GotToMeeting), or Question (Live Meeting, GoToMeeting)
  2. Raise Hand (Webex) to indicate wanting to speak up
Interact with Graphics
  1. Graph, map, schematic – with annotation tools attendees can highlight, circle, point, emphasize, etc. to focus discussions.
Build Rapport
  1. Share video of meeting participants, share photos as uploads, chat to support a point, share emoticons – all these build relationships in the team.


These points will get high participation, decrease multi-tasking, and improve retention of material in your meetings or training. Everyone can be involved: visually, audibly and kinetically. Next meeting, give webconferencing a try!

3 thoughts on “Wakeup Virtual Meetings

  • Santalynda Marrero, EdD

    This piece is informative as it helps bridge communication across cultural linguistic styles, can be an aid for diability in hearing by using text as well and is an inclusive tool. Thank you for the value added.

  • Craig Everhart

    Kudos, and thanks for the excellent ideas, which will be very useful to liven up presentations to educate prospective partners about our non-profit organization’s mission to provide underserved rural children & adults in Venezuela with access to age-appropriate, quality books.

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