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Petrona Towers

Petrona Towers

Learn communication strategies to improve your effectiveness with Malay, Chinese and Indian Malaysian counterparts. Gain their collaboration by understanding their cultural values, country background, business and social etiquette. Management practices and business communication in meetings, E-mail and teleconferencing are covered. Excellent preparation for business trips and hosting Malaysians. for technology transfer..

This workshop is for employees who want to understand the cultural values operating in Malaysia, gain strategies and tactics for business and management opportunities, and practice intercultural communication to work effectively with Malaysian coworkers, customers and suppliers.

Training Content – Participants will learn:

  • Cultural Values: Key Malaysian cultural values that shape the Malaysian identity and worldview, outlook and behaviors. Learn how to build relationships, respect and trust with Malaysians.
  • Business and Management Practices: Gain insights to Malaysian project management and problem-solving approaches, gaining buy-in and commitments to projects; perceptions of time, including punctuality and meeting deadlines; gaining personal contacts and professional credibility; leading and participating in teleconferences and meetings; decision-making and escalating; giving feedback, rewards and recognition for performance management.
  • Corporate Contrasts: Similarities and differences between Malaysian culture and your corporate culture (values and business practices), i.e., how customer orientation, risk-taking, quality, innovation, work/life balance, safety, valuing diversity, etc. are viewed or practiced in Malaysia.
  • Fundamentals: Essential briefing on “must know” facts about Malaysia, the moderate Muslim state and “Minidragon” economy, covering its multicultural evolution and governmental policies affecting business and society. Explore how history, politics, and demographic diversity (religious, ethnic, linguistic, etc.), shape business behaviors of Malaysians.
  • Communication Style: Learn how to work effectively with Malaysian indirectness, organization of information, style of giving feedback, negotiation, and persuasion. Learn techniques in conducting effective meetings, using E-mails and teleconferencing. Learn conversation openers and topics to avoid; learn Malaysian naming conventions and phrases in Bahasa Malayu; interpret gestures, body language, and appropriate personal space.
  • Business Travel: Packing, gifts and dress recommendations; personal safety; hospitality, business entertainment and social etiquette with Malaysians; dietary (hallal, vegetarian) and hygiene issues; holidays and festivals; transportation, local laws and dealing with authorities.

 What participants have to say:

“Overall, an excellent course! Thank you for being so current on both Malaysian and our corporate business practices. This gives our team the boost we needed.” – E-business Manager, California

“Great course, the content was very comprehensive and the instructor was obviously an expert. I really enjoyed the class. Great job!” – Engineer, New Mexico

Haram (Malay)
Taboo practices: alcohol is forbidden; pigs and dogs are considered unclean animals; unmarried and unrelated men and women cannot be together in certain environments (e.g. hotels); left hand is considered unclean – use the right hand for eating, giving and receiving things.

Feng Shui (Chinese)
Wind and water – the art of geomancy.
Ancient Chinese art of arranging one’s surroundings to invite harmony and prosperity. A very important concept in making business decisions.