Working with Singapore

Singapore - High Tech Industry

Singapore – High Tech Industry

Learn communication strategies to improve your effectiveness with Singaporean counterparts. Avoid offending them by understanding their cultural values, country background, etiquette and naming conventions. Singapore business practices are covered; tips for more effective E-mail or teleconferencing. Excellent preparation for business trips and hosting Singaporeans.

Understand the cultural values in Singapore, gain strategies and tactics to be successful in meeting business, operational and management opportunities; practice effective global management.

Training Content – Participants will learn:

  • Cultural Values: Key cultural values shared among the three major ethnic groups, Chinese, Malays and Indians; plus the distinctive values, beliefs, customs and traditions of each group that shape their workplace and social behaviors.
  • Business and Management Practices: Understand hierarchy and business protocol; the importance of kiasu and the relationship building process quan-xi; concept of time, including punctuality and meeting deadlines; gaining personal contacts and professional credibility; gaining respect, buy-in and commitments; decision-making and conflict resolution, confrontation and escalating; empowerment and delegation; developing insight and appreciation for Singaporean-style efficiency, procedures and performance management.
  • Corporate Contrasts: Similarities and differences between Singaporean culture and your corporate culture (values and business practices), i.e., how customer orientation, risk-taking, quality, innovation, work/life balance, safety, valuing diversity, competition, etc. are viewed or practiced in Singapore.
  • Fundamentals: Essential briefing on “must know” facts about Singapore, focusing on its founding and continuity with strong governmental policy affecting legal, business and social life. Examine this “Mini-dragon” at the hub of ASEAN and the effect of local and global current events on the island nation. Explore demographic variety (religious, ethnic, etc.), the education system and learning styles that motivate business behaviors of Singaporean professionals.
  • Communication Style: Learn how to work effectively with Singaporean indirectness, organization of information, style of giving feedback, negotiation, and persuasion. Learn techniques in conducting effective meetings, using E-mails and teleconferencing. Learn conversation openers and topics to avoid; understand Singlish, Singaporean-style English; interpret gestures, body language, hidden meanings, and appropriate personal space.
  • Business Travel: Packing, gifts and dress code; personal safety; hospitality, business entertainment and social etiquette with Singaporeans; dietary (hallal, vegetarian) and hygiene issues; holidays and festivals; transportation; extensive Singaporean laws and dealing with local authorities.

 What participants have to say:

“David Wan [Director of Asia Pacific Services]

gave me the steps toward the right behavior changes to make, to be an effective business leader and contributor in APAC.”

– Executive Expatriate to Singapore, California

Singapore’s Shared Values
Understand the importance of “nation before community and society before self; family as the basic unit of society; community support and respect for the individual; consensus, not conflict; racial and religious harmony.”

Recognize the importance of Confucius teachings of orderly society and family.

“The expansion of the right of the individual to behave or misbehave has come at the expense of orderly society. The fundamental difference between Western concepts of society and government and East Asian concepts is that Eastern societies believe the individual exists in the context of his family,”   – Lee Kuan-yew, Senior Minister, Singapore.